On Purpose Patient Education Slides

Each month our expert team of chiropractors and marketing lay-people pull the best relevant information consumers need to see in order to produce a uniquely powerful, informative, and educational slide series. Why is this important to you?

What Are The Benefits?

On Purpose offers Chiropractors the chance to draw from the latest news and research – that empowers you to impact your community, and the world.

  • New Slide Deck every month covering the 3 main topics of On Purpose, Science, Politics, & Philosophy.
  • Each Slide Deck is provided with a list of current references.
  • 20+ powerpoint slides in both portrait and landscape (widescreen) modes provided each month
  • Case studies are submitted within the chiropractic and related literature documenting the benefits of chiropractic care.
  • Each Slide Deck is customizable with your logo and clinic (doctor) name
  • Slides include information about lifestyle and exercise
  • Expand your patients’ knowledge by sharing Information from the current months OP sereies.
  • Use in the office, in your waiting room or adjusting rooms, or use when giving presentations to the community
  • Slideshows are professionally designed and can be displayed in your reception room or used for Health Talks.

Current, Connected, Credible and Certain

“Many doctors of chiropractic have yearned for the Science section of On Purpose to be converted into a format that patients can enjoy. You asked and we have answered with On Purpose Patient Education Slides.”

– Christopher Kent, DC, JD

View a Sample Patient Education Slide Deck

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