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On PurposeTM is a monthly audio subscription consisting of three uniquely
powerful and highly concentrated programs

Science, Politics and Philosophy -

Your subscription is conveniently delivered to your door step,
as well as available on-line.

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  • Stay Current.  Our experts review dozens of scientific journals, popular magazines, newsletters and wire services to
    bring you the most up-to-date and vital information for you and your patients.
  • Stay Connected.  Listen in your car, while you exercise, or play On Purpose in your practice for your staff and patients. 
    Stay connected with the latest advances in the profession.  Car pool with some of the greatest minds in chiropractic and natural health.
  • Enhance your Certainty.  Arm yourself with the intellectual ammunition necessary to win the debate on chiropractic. 
    Unite your head with your heart to focus your vision.
  • Enhance your Credibility.  Become the "go to" person in your community for the latest and most credible
    information on the latest research.  Each month you will receive a consumer Press Release you can use in your practice and community.
Get OP now button v1 OP Monthly tilted "Dr. Kent, I am a recent TS grad and a new
on purpose listener and I wanted to thank
you for everything you do for chiropractic.

Your wisdom in your OP audio programs inspires
me to continually learn and improve daily to better
serve my patients and chiropractic.

Thanks for all you do."

- Dr Chris



Voices behind OP banner

                                                                  Chris and PG at table

Dr. Christopher Kent

Christopher Kent, DC, JD 

His passion for facilitating human empowerment led him to the chiropractic profession, where he has served as a practitioner, educator, author, lecturer, and researcher. Dr. Kent is a graduate of Palmer College.

Dr. Kent has been recognized as "Chiropractic Researcher of the Year" in 1991 and "Chiropractor of the Year" in 1998 by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). In June 2001, Dr. Kent was elected Chair of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Health Committee, the first chiropractor to hold that office.  In 2007, Dr. Kent was honored with the first Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by Life University.

Dr. Kent's ability to integrate the philosophy and science of chiropractic is legendary.

Patrick Gentempo, DC

Dr. Gentempo, along with Dr. Christopher Kent, co-developed the landmark Total Solution™ Program, Insight Subluxation Station™, and the world famous On Purpose™ monthly audio subscription service.

An internationally renowned lecturer, researcher and chiropractic business consultant for
over 20 years, Dr. Gentempo is unmatched in his ability to integrate the philosophy, science, clinical practice and business of chiropractic without contradiction.
He has received numerous awards and honors from the highest levels of the chiropractic profession, and in 2007 Dr. Gentempo was inducted into the
prestigious Wellness Hall of Fame.



Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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"BEST OF On PurposeTM"
OP Best Of

Interviews may include:
Donald Epstein, DC
Larry Markson, DC
Deepak Chopra, MD
Ted Morter, DC
John DeMartini
Dan Murphy, DC
and many more!

Limited Time Offer

Receive the BEST OF On PurposeTM

A collection of interviews with some of the
greatest minds in the chiropractic profession
so that you can learn about their experiences,
philosophies, and what it takes to grow your practice.


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Each month Drs. Kent and Gentempo interview the foremost leaders impacting the profession and the
lives of your patients.  Here are just a few examples of what you'll hear each month.

Dr Billy Demoss v2

video icon Billy DeMoss, DC

dr bernie seigel

audio icon  Bernie Seigel, MD

Dr. Chris Kent

audio icon  Christopher Kent, DC
Dr. Bruce Lipton

audio icon  Bruce Lipton, PhD

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Patient Education Slides Banner 

OP slides v1 Each month our expert team of chiropractors and marketing lay-people pull the best relevant information consumers need to see to produce a uniquely powerful, informative and educational slide series.

Why is this important to you?
  • Each month you'll receive a new slide show for your patients and perspective patients.

  • Topics are timely and relevant to today's consumer.

  • Slide shows are professionally designed and can be displayed in your reception room or used for Health Talks.

  • Along with your monthly Press Release, your Patient Education slides empower you with a powerful marketing solution.

  • And best of all, the works already been done!

ON Purpose
Patient Education Slides

$495 Value/ Year

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Simplify your life with On Purpose™

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Your yearly On Purpose™ subscription with the Bonus Patient Education Slides

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Savings of $345 on the OP Patient Education Slides
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$2 per day to stay current in your profession!


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Q What's included with my On Purpose subscription?
A Each month, you will receive the most current and relevant information impacting the chiropractic industry delivered in a concise, easy to digest, format.   The OP program covers topics in science, politics and philosophy.  You'll also receive each month a consumer Press Release, along with our Patient Education slides (for Patient Education subscribers only), which you can use to promote your expertise in your community.  Your On PurposeTM subscription is delivered to your door-step in 3 Cd's and is also available on-line in MP3 format for easy downloading to your iPod.


Does On Purpose  help me build my practice?
YES!  On PurposeTM is an integrated system with three distinct components:
  • Doctor Education.  Your certainty and credibility will enable you to more effectively communicate chiropractic within and outside your practice.
  • Patient Education.  Stop relying on the same old patient education materials you've been using for one, five or ten years.  Consumers are seeking doctors who are current and knowledgeable.  OP will differentiate you in the market place.
  • Community Outreach.  On PurposeTM materials and information can be used to help establish you as the expert in your community.  When groups are looking for a speaker, or the press wants to interview someone on chiropractic or natural health - "you want to be the DC they think of"
Remember, with On PurposeTM you are not alone. 


What are the On Purpose  Press Releases?
A professionally prepared news release, featuring one or more of the articles covered in that months recording.  This is designed to send to local newspapers, shopper publications, blog accounts, email blasts, etc.  These are included with your OP membership and a great source of content for your audience.


Can I just order the On Purpose   Patient Education slides? 
Patient Education slides are available for $495/year and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. Content is consumer friendly, professionally presented and positions the DC as the expert.
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"Delivering on the 4c's

  Current, Connected, Credible & Certain 

is the mission of On PurposeTM".

                                                               Christopher Kent, DC  


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